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Day 1

                Players are given a quick tour of the facility. They are introduced to the on site security staff. All of the guards on the night shift are happy to see the characters. they are willing to openly talk to them and will aid them in any reasonable request. Upon thorough investigation they discover the following things.

1.             One of the guards has called in sick and Capt. Peirce will be covering his shift tonight.( Officer Kyle Davis' wife actually called in )*

2.             The video camera located at the rear loading dock in broken, (scheduled to be fixed tomorrow)

3.             The bars on the ladies bathroom are loose and can actually be removed by hand. This is a excellent way to exit and enter the facility with out being seen.

4.             one of the skylights has been sabotaged  to allow access to the museum without setting of the alarm.




Day 2

                The Character will receive a call from Blackwell. He has heard about the great job the PCs did last night and called to inform them that because of this the contract has been extended and they will each receive a bonus for doing such a wonderful job.

                Around 11 am John Peirce will contact the characters and ask if they would accompany him to check on Officer Davis at home. At some point in the morning John attempted to contact Kyle via phone and got no response. He also paged him also with no response. John will explain that is not like Kyle in the least. He plans on doing a welfare check (he doesn't think that police need to be called, In case Kyle is OK. he would be embarrassed by having sent the police over). He want to take the PCs with him to introduce Them to Kyle so when he comes back to work he will know who they are (secretly he is worried and wants some back up).

                When the characters arrive at the Davis's house, John will knock on the front door. The door is unlocked and will freely swing open. With out prompting John will call out to anyone in the house. After a few seconds he will say to the nearest character "I have a bad feeling about this. Something isn't right". He will then draw his pistol and enter the house tactically. When the characters enter the house they will discover the following things.


First Floor:

1.             This is the main entry way. There is a stairway off to the left leading up to the top floor. Directly to the right is a door that is open this leads into the study.


2.             Located in the study is a dead body. Capt. Peirce will identify the body as Leah Davis. She has had her throat cut, and the room has been tossed.


3              The bathroom is empty.


4.             This is the family room. There is allot of blood in the floor and walls. There are also several bullet holes in the wall and the glass door has been shot out. The characters will spot a white moth ninja attempting to remove the body of a comrade. He will spot the characters and attempt to get away by leaping (8') over the rock wall at the south ends of the yard. If John spots him, the Ninja will be shot and wounded. The ninja will the throw 2 exploding shuriken at him and attempt to get away leaving his comrades body behind.


5.             The kitchen has more bullet holes shot through the refrigerator and the wall along with a small amount of blood on the floor. Also there is another body on the floor between the kitchen and the family room. The body is that of a white male wearing a blue Navy service uniform. in the left hand of the body is a USP .45. If the character search the body they will find a military ID card (He is one of Adam's SEAL teammates) with the name Jason Miller on it.


6: and 7.                 this is the dining room and living room respectably. these rooms have been ransacked. but their are no more bodies on the first floor.


second floor:

8.             the hallway on the second floor. right to the left is the door to the master bedroom. directly in front of the stairwell is the door to one of the bedrooms. at the end of the hall way to the right is the door to a bathroom. to the left and right are doors to the other two bed rooms. the characters will locate some blood, bullet holes, and several .40cal shell casings. the door to the master bedroom has been kicked off the hinges and lays on the floor inside of the bedroom.


9.             inside the master bedroom the characters will find the body of Kyle. he has been severely beaten and had a diagonal wound running from his left shoulder to his right hip. nearly cutting him in half. lying next to his body is a .40 caliber UMP submachine gun. The weapon has an empty magazine an a pile of shell casing next to it.

                The characters will locate both Tammy and Tari Davis (Kyle's 10 y/o twin daughters) hiding in the master bathroom (#14). they are in shock and will initially cringe from the characters. If John is in the room with the characters he can coax them out of the bathroom.


10.and 11               these are the girls rooms. the walls are covered with posters of unicorns and pop singers. the room is intact and looks untouched.


13.           this is the bedroom belonging to Kyle's son Adam. The room is covered in military posters and pictures of soldiers and weapons. inside the bedroom is Adam's body wearing his Navy uniform. he has been shot several times, however unlike his father he is barely alive (any aid given to Adam will increase his chances of survival dramatically). lying next to his body is H&K USP .45 cal pistol. the weapon empty. in Adams left hand is a spare magazine for the weapon.


                As the character finish searching the house the police will arrive (John will have called them if  no one else does). the arriving officers will take any weapons that characters have. The two girls and Adam are sent to the nearest hospital in ambulances.

After 20 min two Metro Dade homicide detectives arrive (detectives Alan Wright, and Marcia Carver). After a brief conversation with John the characters weapons will be returned and they will be told they may leave, but to stay near a phone. 

If one of the Ninja bodies has been left behind detective Carver will ID it as the body of a former gang member (Ken Thom) she has had some ran ins with about 5 years ago.       

 When the characters are finally free to go John will want to go to the hospital and check up on Adam.  When they arrive at Adam's room the will witness a verbal confrontation between two men, and a detective The men are Lt Jg. Jack Spicer, and Chief petty officer Sid "Papa" Papadopalous.  These men are members of Adam's SEAL team, and they want to know what happed.  And the police are giving them the runaround.  If the characters aid them they will offer any assistance they can to the P.C. s




Day 3

John if asked will decline to go back to the house, and will advise the character that traipsing around an active crime scene isn't a good idea.

An attempt to approach the house using the main road will result in the character discovering that the way is blocked b a security road block.  If the character contact the guard he will tell them that they can't enter the area and if they try he will be forced to arrest them.  If the character ask any questions about what happened at the house, he will tell them that he has been ordered not to let anyone near the house. when the character leave he will return to his car and return to his reading.


if the characters hide and watch the guard the following will happen.  About 20 min. after the characters hide, Joe will start his car and leave the road block. he will drive through the development.  It appears to anyone watching that he is on his hourly patrol.  It will take him about 20 min. to patrol the area.  He will drive around and shine his spotlight into the houses under construction.  When he returns he will exit his vehicle an use the porta potty. after a bit he will return to his car and start reading again.

If the character watch for long enough around 10:30 they will observe Dade county sheriff pull up.  The Deputy will talk-with Joe for about 15 min. then leave.  About 2 hours later another patrol car arrives. this time it not the police it is from Joe's company. the driver will get out and talk with Joe for a while then he will also leave.


"Joe" the security guard

Appearance:         5' 6" skinny, wears glasses, and has shoulder length brown hair tucked into his black "security" ball cap.

I.Q.: 8, M.E.: 11, M.A.: 9, P.S.: 12, P.P.: 7, P.E.: 11, P.B.:10, Spd: 10

H . P.: 10, S.D.C.: 22

combat skills: lst level hand to hand basic, A.P.M.:2, +2 to pull/roll with punch/fall


weapon: Glock 21 . 45 acp 4D6, 10 rnds, 2 extra magazines, 1 can of pepper spay, 1 PR- 24 knight stick lD6, He also has a Winchester 12 gauge stainless marine shotgun in the trunk of his patrol car, 4D6 buck shot, 7 shots no extra ammo, +3/1 to strike.


At some point the character will have to sneak past Joe.  This can be done several ways.

1.             wait for his to start reading in his car. the simply stick to the shadows

and just by pass the check Point. (this would be fairly easy for Matt's character (especially if he uses his art of mystic Invisibility"). the characters will need to make moderate prowl rolls (+15% on all rolls).


2              go back down the road about 1/2 mile and sneak onto the property. this is the easiest and requires no skill rolls at all.


3.             subdue Joe...... This is a really dumb idea. while he is a royal wuss.  If any police officer or his supervisors arrive and he has been attacked they will call for back up and activity search for his attackers.  At which point no information can be gathered. and the characters might end up in jail.  There is also the possibility that Joe might get a couple of shots off and hit one of the characters. ouch...... an all around bad idea.


when the characters get to the Davis house the will notice that the door has been covered in crime scene tape.  The characters can enter the house through the garage door.  The house is a dead end the police have scoured the house and recovered the evidence there.


If the enter the house they will have about 10min. And Joe will drive by. He will shine his spotlight through all the windows facing the street. (if the characters left the Garage door he'll call the police).

if one of the character chooses to search the bushes on the hill behind the house they will notice the following things.


1.             Tire marks from a heavy vehicle (a van).

2.             several sets of foot prints and drag marks in the mud.

3.             in the bushes they will find one of the ninja had drooped his SMG. when this weapon is examined in good lighting it will be noticed that t is weapon is devoid of any numbers, or manufactures marks.  The only marking on the gun is as follows. .45 Cal on the right side above the grip (major clue) a symbol of a circle with an outline of a moth on the left side over the grip.  And the select fire marking around the selector switch.

4.             Any character that uses thermo - graphic vision to scan the area will locate 3 human forms in the house 3 houses to the right of the Davis' home.  If the characters decide to investigate the forms they will locate 3 ninja in house. they have some high tech recording equipment set up to monitor the Davis's house. AS soon as any of the characters decide to attack the Ninia will spring into action. using melee weapons (2 of them are armed with mono-filament Katana, the third has a NO-Dochi) and Hand to Hand Attacks. ( they won’t use firearms so as not to alert security or the police).  The ninja will attempt to escape if it looks like they are going to loose, or if someone discharges a non-silenced firearm.


White Moth Ninja operatives

Appearance:         see Picture

I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 16, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 19, P.P.: 13, P.E.: 15, P.B.:13, Spd: 16

H.P.: 32, S.D.C.: 20 (Armor: A.R.:16, S.D.C.: 50)

combat skills:      4th level Ninjitsu

A.P.M.: 3, +6 to initiative, +4 to damage, +2 to strike, + 3 to parry, + 5 to dodge, 2 to knock down, +1 to leap, +1 to cartwheel, critical strike on natural 20 from behind,

special Abilities: Art of Stealth (62%), Art of vanishing (74%), martial Art Awareness , windmill Kata,

weapons: 2 of the Ninja have mono - Katanas (4D6 + 4), one has a vibro - No Dochi (5D6 + 4), Also Each Ninja is armed with 6 exploding shurikens (lD4/4D6), 1 mono Knife (2D6 +4), each. 


if the Ninja are killed or subdued the characters will locate 3 Solo Trek vehicles hidden under cammo netting by the house the Ninja were hiding in.  If any of the Ninja escape they will do so using a Solo Trek vehicles.

5.             Any examination of the surveillance equipment used by the Ninja will show that this observation post has been in effect sense right after the police had wrapped up the crime scene.


If the characters get in and out undetected they will be free to follow up on the evidence thee have acquired.

1.             The Gun: A basic Internet search will not garner any information about this gun. if the weapon is taken to a gunsmith he will only be able that this weapon is constructed out of high quality materials.  And it appears to be a production weapon, not a custom built job . He will tell the character that it looks like a calico product but of course he will have absolutely no idea who could have built it.

If the characters contact calico firearms they have never seen anything like it. And will have no idea who has produced it.  The service rep they talk to will say tell the characters that it looks like a custom job to him, and suggest that the character contact a gunsmith.

If any of the characters does a patent check it will show up with the following information.

1.             The weapon matches a patent filed by one J. Smith of Enigma weapons.

2.             Enigma weapons mailing address is in Puerto Rico.  Any further patent

searches referencing Enigma weapons will give the players basic information about most of the white moth high tech weapons. Other then that no other information is available about  Enigma weapons.

2.             The moth symbol: Any Internet searches will locate very little information.  If the characters peruse this lead on the Internet the will eventually find a web site dedicated to conspiracy theories.  The site will make reference to an international terrorist origination known as the moth. there is nothing concrete on the site just conjecture linking the moth to a Ninjitsu training center in Kyoto, Japan.  If any one in the group thinks to track down a Ninjitsu instructor the only one they can find in the Miami area is Master Iyetsu Ashikaga.

An 18-year-old computer science student from U.N.L.V maintains the site. He doesn’t actually know anything about the White Moth the only info he has is posted on his site and he has gathered that from E-mails and letters he has received from several of his members.


If anyone attempts to contact Master Iyetsu by phone all they receive is an answering machine.  There is no message just a beep.  If any reference to the moth is left on the messege. The characters will be called back in less the 5 min.  The caller will identify himself as Kenneth Wright, a "friend" of Iyetsu.  He will tell the characters that they will be contacted on a public payphone at a nearby McDonald's restaurant.  They will arrive as the phone is ringing.  The caller will tell them that the master wishes to speak with them, and one of his "friends" will meet them in their office in an hour.

The characters will be meet by Komiko Matsuki. She is a very attractive Japanese woman in her late 20’s. she will be wearing a gray, conservative, business type, pants suit. she will, explain that the master has sent her to meet with the characters and extend an invitation to them for a private meeting. She will insist that it is very important that the group meet with the master. She says that "Master Iyetsu has allot of information on the White Moth, and is willing to share as much as he can with you".

Komiko Matsuki

Appearance:         5' 4" An extremely attractive, athletically built Japanese woman in her late 20's. she has long black hair that she keeps in a traditional bun. she has haunting dark green eyes.  And she exudes confidence.  However she has an air of politeness and comes across as quite demure

I.Q.:11, M.E.: 14, M.A.: 29, P.S.: 19, P.P.:20, P.E.: 11, P.B.: 27, Spd: 17

H.P.:35, S.D.C.: 52

combat skills:      5th Level Kumi Uchi Ninjutsu

A.P.M.: 2, +4 to Damage, +3 to strike, +2 to parry,+2 to dodge, +2  Initiative, K.O./ stun on natural 20, + 3 to turn / impact or forward/ back), critical strike from behind on natural  20, +2 to back flip, Deathblow on natural 20,  98% Trust/Intimidate,

                                5th Level Kinzoku Shurikenjutsu

A.P.M.: 3 hand to hand, 7 thrown weapon attacks, +2 to Strike, +2 to Initiative, +3 to Strike with any thrown object, +3 to Parry, + 2 to Dodge, +4 to damage with empty hand attacks, +2 to Stapling throw, + 5 to damage with thrown weapons, Any small  non weapon object become a 1D4 damage thrown weapon, Crit on natural 20, Death blow on natural 20, 

Special Abilities: Art of Stealth (65%), Art of Disguise (67%), Iai-Jutsu, Withering Flesh Atemi, Windmill Kata, One life, one shot, one hit, one kill.

Weapons:  Tungsten steal hair pins (2) 1D6 each, 10 shuriken 1D4 each, 4 small throwing knives id6 each.

she appears completely honest and quite sincere, she will go so far as to allow the character to pick the location of the meeting ( she will try to talk them out of picking their office for security reasons ). If the characters one of the companies safe houses she will tell them to meet her there at 6 pm that night. she will also insist that any future telephone contact be made from random payphones, also for security reasons.

Master Iyetsu and his entourage will arrive at the agreed upon place at the agreed upon time. Komiko will introduce Master Iyetsu to the players.


Iyetsu Ashikaga

Appearance: 5’ 6" Japanese male in his early 40's. He has short black hair, 1 black eye the left one is covered by a black eye patch, and the build of a gymnast.

I.Q.:12, M.E.: 20, M.A.: 18, P.S.: 13, P.P.: 12, P.E.: 12, P.B.: 18, spd: 13

H.P.: 35, S.D.C.: 52

Combat Skills:     7th Level Koga Ninjutsu

A.P.M.: 4,+l to initiative, +3 to strike, +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge, +3 to Maintain Balance, critical strike on Natural 20, +2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +2 to Breakfall, +2 to Leap, +2 to Handspring, +2 to Air Roll,

Special Abilities: Art of Stealth, Art of Disguise, Blood Flow Atemi, Healing Atemi, Art of vanishing

Weapons: Ninja - to concealed in a walking cane. +1 to strike,


Iyetsu is a well spring of knowledge, all of which he will openly share with the P.Cs. He will tell them all about Jim Kim Zee, and he suspects that the White Moth is up to something at the museum. if asked he will explain that he has followed several members to the museum at several times in the past month.