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11/7/07 - I uploaded some new characters to the Tactical Operations Center.

11/2/07 - I added some Non - Palladium stuff. Well, 2 characters one for LUGs Star Trek DS9 RPG. And One for AEG's Farscape RPG. I also added the write up for the TR - 116 that I had dune for our Star Trek game. I have also added one of my Stargate SG-1 characters to the TOC page.More to come, I promise.

10/6/05 - The Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is online and operational. I will be posting files that I have made for the military based RPGs I have played. For now I uploaded some optional MOS and new skills for Recon. I might be putting up some weapons and gear stats later, we'll see.

9/15/05 - A small upload, today. I added a new / old agency from my TMNT game.

9/10/06 - It seems, that about once a year I update my page. Believe me, when I say that is not my intention. Anyways I added the wandering lawman apprenticeship I wrote up for the new After the Bomb RPG. I was a huge ran of the original TMNT / AtB books, So when I saw the new book I snatched it up. I really love some of the new material but other aspects of the new book bug the shit out of me. Stuff like no Hand to hand: Ninjitsu, also most of the NPC and adventures are just cut and pasted from the old book, and finally I find the equipment section to be lacking. Of course at least it has one, unlike the Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition book. Anyways enough of my ranting.

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